Online casino companies lead crypto gambling with King Kaka

Online casino companies lead crypto gambling with King Kaka

Online casino companies lead crypto gambling with King Kaka

The Yolo Group is building the future of gaming and blockchain finance through the development of crypto gambling. Among their top brands include Bitcasino, the first officially licensed Bitcoin gaming site, and Sportsbet, the world’s leading online bookmakers for crypto betting.

They are on a quest to revolutionise gaming with digital assets in Africa and they are looking for partners to represent them as global ambassadors. Among their most strategic moves is starting with one of the hottest hip hop sensations on the continent. This led them to team up with songwriter, musical producer, entrepreneur, and king of Kenyan rap music, Kennedy ‘King Kaka’ Ombima.

King Kaka isn’t an avid gambler but he plays a few games every now and then. That’s why he knows what makes a good online gambling site and he is confident in Bitcasino and Sportsbet. There are a few slot games King Kaka likes such as Savannah King, Safari Gold Megaways, and Rhino Hold and Win. You can try all of them at gambling sites King Kaka has partnered with.

What is King Kaka known for?
King Kaka is mostly known for his successful career in music as a songwriter, rapper, and musical producer in Kenya. His fame as well as his hit singles and collaborations spread not just in Africa but also in the United States. He is, by far, the most successful Kenyan artist whose music can be heard across regions.

Besides his career in music, King Kaka is also a businessman, a trait he has fostered even as he was in high school. Today, he is a brand ambassador for over ten companies, is the owner of the Kaka Empire record label, and manages several talents under his tutelage. His partnership with Yolo Group is one of his latest ventures that started in January 2022 as he aims to help further develop the crypto market in Africa.

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King Kaka is also an icon for academic excellence in Kenya. Growing up, he is one of the top students in his classes, earning him scholarships in high school as a top five placer. His value for academics persists and he joined Zetech University to become a lecturer in 2016.

Another special trait that makes King Kaka appeal so much to many people is his involvement in various humanitarian efforts. Among the most notable of which is his project Bank on Me which aims to provide more than 100,000 Kenyan girls with sanitary towels for their monthly period.

This ensures that they stay healthy amidst the unsanitary conditions that they are often stuck with. It was also meant to keep girls in school because, according to him, 70% of girls miss school during their menstrual window. Thus, Bank on Me provides sanitary towels to help keep Kenyan girls in school, helping 10,000 girls in the process.

Where is King Kaka celebrated as a hip hop icon?
King Kaka is mostly celebrated in his home country of Kenya where he is at the top of the charts in every medium. He has won awards for his 17-track albums and gained accolades for his music video productions. King Kaka is also frequently featured on radio stations in the United States like Hot 97.

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They also had King Kaka guest on the station where he revealed that he has another purpose for coming to the US. It is to speak at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual Goalkeeper’s event. Their wish to work with King Kaka is directly involved with his humanitarian effort, Bank on Me. This time, he aims to help the foundation complete its 17 global goals for Sustainable Development.

What is King Kaka doing now?
King Kaka is juggling multiple responsibilities simultaneously from his music career, to humanitarian efforts, to partnership commitments. He still makes time for his loved ones on special occasions like the celebration of his 11th year anniversary with his wife, Nana Owiti.

His latest activity includes a team up with Femi One and Mbithi Team for hip hop classic collaboration. He doesn’t talk much about gambling but the list of slot games King Kaka likes may have already changed. Savannah King, Safari Gold Megaways, and Rhino Hold and Win are still great games at Bitcasino and Sportsbet so you can play them on behalf of King Kaka.